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Amazon Girl Tribes

Contact us with information about your tribe so we can list it here.

The Trailblazers -- Indiana

This is the first-ever Amazon Girl tribe, and very active in an appropriately eccentric Amazonian way. They meet whenever they can get around to it, frequently morphing into other organizations, depending on who's in town and who's speaking to whom.

News for this tribe: the Indy Women's Chorus performed the debut of the "Amazon Girl Rally Song" on stage in June, 2003, and took the song to the Main Stage of the National Women's Music Festival.

Update: As so often happens in our communities, the original Trailblazers have wandered off into their various corners of the world, and the tribe has metamorphosed into an ajunct section of the Indianapolis Women's Chorus, who are currently involved in all sorts of activities including working their way through the "Artist's Way" process.

Note that a chorus from Illinois, thrilled to hear of the Amazon Girl Rally Song, purchased rights to perform the song at one of their own concerts. Way to go, musical Amazons!

The Starkefraun Tribe -- Cleveland Hts, Ohio

"We are an outdoorsy group whilch enjoys hiking, biking, and boat rowing. Our younger members yearn to learn to drive stickshifts. We do enjoy our food and are well on the way to Amazonian eating all the tme. At our first meeting, we consumed over $50 worth of Thai take-out. We meet whenever we see each other and our activities take place whenever we do them. Our mascot, Gertie the Border Terrier, will be working on her party badge next month."

The Red Hats -- California Red Hats

This tribe meets periodically to discuss books and current events. The source of the name you should be able to figure out for yourself. If you can't, shame on you! We assume the Red Hats also know how to dine in an appropriately Amazonian way, and have learned to spit.

The Boonie Beaters -- Guam

A young and ambitious tribe, the Boonie Beaters initiated their Tomboy period by summoning up a major typhoon that knocked out power on the entire island for nearly three weeks. This tribe will recieve special Amazon Girl survival pins for having bailed out their abodes, fed their families, and maintained a modicum of humor throughout this time.

Update: many of these tribe members have been reassigned to new locations, but they keep in touch with their pals and even visit cross-country! An inspiration to us all.

The Extra Lemons -- Illinois

The Extra Lemons meet on Fridays for breakfast, at which one of the tribe members orders tea with extra lemon. Servers are judged for competence based on whether they bring a single extra slice or an assortment. A tribe to watch for!

Queer Motif -- Colorado

Running Deer describes her tribe this way: "My circle of friends were drawn together because we are bookish, like orchestral and opera music, reading poetry and such. If we came from another part of the country and our parents ran in a different crowd, we could act like pretentious blue stockings, but we are all rather middle working class sorts. My girlfriend can remember feeling confusion and shame when she found herself attracted to the violin at an early age (I think same-sex attractions were less of a leap of faith). Motif stands for Music, Opera, Theatre, Image, and Film -- many of the things we like to experience together"

Teen Witches -- California

This small but enthusiastic group has devised their own variation of the Amazon Girl salute, painting left thumbnails with appropriate colors, then clinking left thumbnails together in the manner of a toast whilst completing the regular salute with the right hand. Tribal names come from the characters in Witches of Eastwick. The tribe's name is currently Teen Witches (all the members are well past their teen years!), but they reserve the right to change their tribal name without notice.


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