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Amazon Girl activities around the country...

Please share your Amazon Girl news. Contact us and tell us what's happening with your tribe.

Amazon Girls Rally Song Premiered by the Indianapolis Women's Chorus

The Indianapolis Women's Chorus premiered the Amazon Girls Rally Song in their June 2003 Women At Play concert. The song, composed by Robin Riebsomer, was met with thunderous applause.

Click here to access the song in mp3 format. (download 2.3 megs)

First Ever Stomping Up Ceremony

The ceremony took place after a glorious day on the trails of Brown County (Indiana) State Park, a visit to a Farm Fest on the way back (of which more later), a fine dinner, and a campfire with a competition for the World's Perfectly-Toasted Marshmallow.

One of the candidates required a certain amount of coaching through the recitation of the oath and the ideals, and as she stomped up she stated her tribal name to be "I Don't Know." It has since been modified to her originally-intended name of Mountain Goat. Gray Eagle had no such difficulties. Water Lily and Pathfinder applauded warmly for both, along with mascots Laura and Joe.

There are now six in the Trailblazers tribe who are eligible to work toward badges, and four of us plan to attempt to earn our Hiking badges soon (that's the red maple leaf).

Requirements include researching and reporting on possible hiking locations, planning (especially the menu), and equipping ourselves for the hike, mapping out the route, going on the hike, identifying plants, animals, trail markings, and weather signs along the way, and finally, reporting on the hike and how we relaxed or celebrated at the end of the ordeal.

You'll be hearing from us.

Author Becky Thacker Premieres the Amazon Girls Handbook in Indianapolis

In May of 2002 the Amazon Girls Handbook was officially released to the public. Here are some pictures...

Author Becky Thacker

Author Becky Thacker signs the first copies of the Amazon Girls Handbook. This gala event was held at Out Word Bound, a gay and lesbian bookstore in Indianapolis.

Reading the Amazon Girls oath.

"As an Amazon Girl I promise to always try be out and proud, to be kind to the beasts, the children, and the very old, to live the good life, and never to sweat the small stuff."

Tomboys sitting quietly...

New crop of Tomboys, who've been told that if they sit veeerrrryyyy still for five minutes, they'll be allowed to eat some of the cake.

The rest of the tribe, having eaten all the cake and drunk all the wine, contemplating the reaction of the Tomboys when they realize that all they get is to clean up the mess.

Some grinning Amazon Girls...


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