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Amazon Girls do
whatever they want to do. ..

Preferred activities will probably include the things you were discouraged from doing as a child and young woman: hiking, camping, drinking red wines with fish and poultry, flying kites, singing raucously on full moon nights, getting really sweaty in the garden, and doing other activities you really, really, really enjoy.


When you first join Amazon Girls, you will go through a probationary period. As you learn the essentials of what’s involved with being an Amazon Girl, you’ll be referred to as a Tomboy. Relax, it’s just part of that bonding/initiation rite thing that humans love so dearly; sick, isn’t it? You’ll have a Tomboy patch to put on your uniform and wear during your probationary period as an Amazon Girl. Cool, huh?

You will graduate (“Stomp Up”) to Amazon after three months as a Tomboy and after you demonstrate knowledge of the Amazon Girl oath, salute, and motto, and some basic skills.

As you earn badges and awards, you may eventually achieve the status of Warrior or Mistress, depending on your mood; then Matriarch or even, if you devote your life to this, Goddess.

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